Typing Services

DCL-Faculty Services staff, Cheryl Reed, is located in 151 Decio Faculty Hall.

The DCL-Faculty Services area supports the faculty within the College of Arts and Letters with the following services:

  • Letters on department letterhead with envelopes
  • Manuscripts – includes tables, footnotes, etc.
  • Book manuscripts – including “camera-ready book” as instructed from the publisher
  • Letters of recommendation (No personal letters)
  • Typed forms
  • Resumes/CVs
  • Scanning documents into PDF files
  • Conversion of PDF files into editable MSWord documents

Computer Software

If you do not maintain current software revisions, we will reach a point where we cannot open the file(s) you send to us. For campus-owned machines, contact ALCO regarding current software versions.


Cheryl Reed located in 151 Decio Faculty Hall at 631-7746 or creed1@nd.edu.