Logistic Services

DCL Services provides the following services on Campus:

  • Assistance with copy equipment for A&L Departments
  • Conversion from .pdf files into an editable MSWord document
  • Faxes
  • Master Keys for A&L offices in Decio/Malloy Buildings
  • Scanning: Color and Black/White into .pdf/.jpg/.tif files
  • Typing Services for A&L faculty members


The DCL office provides faxing services to Campus, U.S., Canada/Mexico, and International locations.

Sending Faxes:

You may come to 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall for a fax form and we will send the fax for you as soon as possible.

Receiving Faxes:

If you want to receive a fax through DCL Services at 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall, please ask the sender to print YOUR NAME on the cover of the fax. We will contact you as soon as the fax is received and you may pick it up in the Lobby of 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall by your last name.

Completed Faxes:

Remember to pick up your “originals” from 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall. Your materials will be in the Lobby of 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall by your last name.

Master Keys

Master Keys for the College of Arts and Letters departments:

  • Decio Faculty Building and Malloy Building – Room 151 Decio
  • O’Shaughnessy Hall – Room 100 (Dean’s Office)

Scanning and Conversion

Scanning documents

The 301 O’Shaughnessy office can scan documents into color and black/white .pdf, .tiff, and .jpg files.

Scanning Charges: There is a minimal charge of $.09 per sheet to scan black/white pages and $.50 per sheet to scan color pages (our regular printing costs).

Conversion of .pdf files into an editable MSWord document on the PC

DCL-Faculty Services (151 Decio) utilizes a software known as Omni-Page to convert .pdf files into editable MSWord documents on the PC. This software has been used to scan and convert letters, exams, and other printed text that are not in an editable format.

Typing Services

DCL-Faculty Services staff, Cheryl Reed, is located in 151 Decio Faculty Hall.

The DCL-Faculty Services area supports the faculty within the College of Arts and Letters with the following services:

  • Letters on department letterhead with envelopes
  • Manuscripts – includes tables, footnotes, etc.
  • Book manuscripts – including “camera-ready book” as instructed from the publisher
  • Letters of recommendation (No personal letters)
  • Typed forms
  • Resumes/CVs
  • Scanning documents into PDF files
  • Conversion of PDF files into editable MSWord documents

Cheryl Reed located in 151 Decio Faculty Hall at 631-7746 or creed1@nd.edu.

Computer Software

If you do not maintain current software revisions, we will reach a point where we cannot open the file(s) you send to us. For campus-owned machines, contact ALCO regarding current software versions.