Clients within the College of Arts and Letters seeking strategic communications assistance — including professional design services — may contact the Office of Communications.

We offer templates for simple poster or brochure designs, invitations, certificates, thank you cards, etc. you may contact DCL Services at 631-6672 or for these files. The lead time is at least a week, depending on the details of each project and materials in stock.

Receive a DISCOUNT PRICE on your printing costs!


Booklets are considered to be an 8.5″ × 11″ or 11″ × 17″ sheet folded in half and saddle-stitched (two staples) in the center. The booklet program reduces the print to half-size (4.25″ × 5.5″ or 8.5″ × 11″).

A convenient size to hand out to students and faculty and easy to store.

Ideas: Departmental course descriptions and directories, University program descriptions, marketing booklets, poems, student writings, etc.

NOTE: DCL Services will not charge extra fees for stapling and folding performed by the copy machine.


DCL Services can print certificates for any award, course credits, or achievement.
We also have certificate jackets in Kelly green to compliment your certificates and provide a more polished look.

Examples of plain borders in stock:

Silver Border on White

Gold Border on Cream

Delicate Gold on Cream

Elite Gold on White


We can print high-quality fliers for your event or announcement. 


We can provide templates for you to design your own.

NOTE: Allow lead-time for orders. Some invitation stock may change due to supplier availability. Please stop in to see most current stock available.


DCL has templates to design posters, ads, brochures, direct mail pieces, etc.

Please contact Tina Clark, DCL Services Supervisor at 631-6672 or via email.

LARGE FORMAT POSTERS – Competitive Prices (24", 36" and 44" Paper Widths). Glossy, matte and vinyl choices are available in black and white and color.

You may receive a discount price on your printing costs, up to 12 × 18 poster size when designed by The Arts and Letters Office of Communications.



DCL Services can produce printed programs for conferences and special speakers. We also produce programs for graduations throughout campus.

Tent Cards

DCL Services has design templates for your use. We can also print name tent cards or table tent cards on various colors of cardstock and cut them to size. The recommended size for name tents and table tents is 8.5″ × 11″ or 11″ × 17″ (stand up).

The example shown below of a name tent card that is printed on 8.5″ × 11″ cardstock, trimmed and folded in half.

Name Tent Cards

DCL Services also has design templates for POSTCARDS for all occasions. We use Avery Perforated Post Card paper stock and their template in MSWord. The template allows for TWO postcards per sheet, saving on printing costs. Example:



DCL Services prints thousands of color brochures for various departments on campus. Our color copier produces high-quality color copies and the finished product is tri-folded. We offer a large variety of parchment and color paper.

Note: DCL Services does not charge an extra fee for folding if the job is printed and folded by the copy machine. There is a $.05/fold charge if manual folding is required.

DCL Services does not provide mailing services (postage, labeling, or stuffing of envelopes).