Many of the selections under the title, “Copy” will explain how to properly complete the DCL Customer Order Form in writing. A completed, thorough order form assures better efficiency in service and quality product. If you have any questions that you cannot find an answer to on this web site, please e-mail: or call 631-5632


DCL Services offers two types of binding.


Cloth binding with super-glue strips. Heat-binding strips come in a variety of widths and colors and are very durable.


Comb/Spiral-binding comes in comb sizes ranging from 1/4" (approximately 35 pages) to 2" (approximately 425 pages) in a variety of colors. You can add index tabs and inserts to the book. Comb/spiral-binding is easy to disassemble, allowing you to add or delete material after the book has been bound.


We also offer clear plastic (transparency) covers for both heat-binding and comb/spiral-binding projects to protect your cover.

Note: If you have more than the quota for the binding method you choose, consider separating your materials into two or more volumes. This is a great idea for course packets. Many faculty split their material at the semester break. The students like this idea as well.

Suggestion: You can collect a series of research papers or other materials and have them bound into one book for storage. The book can be placed in a bookcase, instead of using up filing space.

Black & White

Important: Specify in your order if your attachment(s) were created on a PC or Mac computer.

FREE pick-up and delivery service provided on campus!

Commonly asked questions:

1. If I have one-sided copies and want them printed two-sided, how do I complete the order form?

Answer: Write the number of originals and the number of copies you need in the blocks for TWO-SIDED copies (not one-sided).

2. If my originals are already two-sided and I want copies printed two-sided, how do I complete the order form?

Answer: Count both sides of your two-sided copies as single sheets and enter the number of originals (i.e., 3 two-sided sheets = 6 single sheets) and fill in the number of copies you need in the TWO-SIDED copies.

NOTE: Remember to indicate if you want your copies stapled and/or 3-hole punched and the paper size.

Color Printing

Important: Specify in your order if your attachment(s) were created on a PC or Mac computer.

PAPER: We stock 28# quality bright-white paper for color in 8.5″ × 11″, 8.5″ × 14″, 11″ × 17″, and 12″ × 18″ sizes.

CARDSTOCK: Available in bright-white and glossy finish in 8.5″×11″, 11″×17″, and 12″×18″ sizes.

POSTERS: High-quality white cardstock in 8.5″×11″, 11″×17″, and 12″×18″ sizes with a glossy finish.

BOOKLETS: Saddle-stitch (2-staples) and folded in half with 1- or 2-sided printing.

BROCHURES/LETTERS/MAILERS: Tri-fold with 1- or 2-sided printing.

CERTIFICATES: Large supply of various high-quality “border” paper for certificates, awards, projects, letters.

PRICES: Contact the DCL Services office

NOTE: We combine multiple pages of color if there is a small amount of color on a given page to equal a full-page of color and charge extra for “special” paper.

Color Paper

DCL Services offers a wide range of pastel and neon color paper, as well as cardstock. Inquire about our special quality paper, like bond paper, invitations, certificate border paper, etc.

NOTE: Colors are not specified due to frequent changes and cancellations from our suppliers.

Course Packets

For Students on Campus:

For the duration of each semester (including Summer Semester), you can purchase your course packet(s) in 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall.

Hours: 8:00 – 5:00 PM; Monday through Friday (except for Holidays)

Method of Payment: Student Account/Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Cash/Check

For Faculty on Campus:

Course Packet Order Forms are completed in 301 O’Shaughnessy Hall.

DCL Services will process your copyright clearance entries for your textbooks and course packets according to the Federal Law requirements at no additional charge.

Below are examples of course packet covers:


American Studies

Law School


An example of a Table of Contents with page numbers is available by clicking on the link below. Send us your Microsoft Word document and we will add the page numbers to your Table of Contents.

Table of Contents w/page numbers

For additional information please contact the DCL Services staff.


DCL provides cutting for paper sizes up to 18". We have a guillotine cutter that can cut a ream of paper (500 sheets) or cardstock (250 sheets) in one cut. Our cost per cut is $.75.

We can cut to bleed posters and flyers upon request.

Index Tabs

DCL Services has the capability to print 3-hole index tabs for notebooks.

Each set of tabs has five positions per package, therefore, we charge per package.

Text/graphics can be printed on the face of the tabbed sheet, as well as the position tabs.

NOTE: Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of space to print on the position tabs. We have a Microsoft Word document as a template to assure that the text will fit in the position tabs. Great for classroom notebooks/course packets.


DCL Services can laminate from business size cards to poster size (11″ × 17″) paper/cardstock.

Resume Paper

DCL stocks a high-quality, non-acid bond paper in WHITE and CREAM colors. This paper is ideal for your CV, personal resume, letterhead or special invitations.

The WHITE bond is a light, pin-striped linen.

The CREAM bond is a linen texture.

MATCHING ENVELOPES are also available.

Shrink Wrapping

DCL provides shrink-wrapping for quantities of brochures, course packets with 3-hole materials and/or tabs, and many more projects. Shrink-wrapping protects your printing from the weather, prevents paper curls, tearing, and makes it easy to store materials that you do not need immediately.

Shrink-wrapping prices: 4 packages for $1.00.


Sizes available for printing:

8.5″ × 11″ Letter

8.5″ × 14″ Legal

11″ × 17″ Ledger

12″ × 18″ Large (Electronic file only)

24", 36" & 44" Large Format (Plotter)

We stock a variety of colors in each size, with the exception of the 12″×18″ which is available in WHITE only.

Note: To print a 12″×18″ size document, you must create your file page setup to 12″×18″. The largest size we can print a document on the copier glass is 11″×17″.

Note: To print a quality document from 8.5″ × 11″ to 11″ × 17″, create a NEW file and set your page setup for 11″ × 17″.


Make a difference in your classroom presentations!

Our color copier produces quality transparencies that allow you to proudly display your class illustrations, PowerPoint files, charts, notes, etc. You will definitely draw your students’ attention to the screen at a very reasonable price.


Use Black/White transparencies to display your class notes, simple illustrations, etc.

Blank Transparencies are available to purchase in our office.