Scantron Tests


Do you spend hours manually grading your exams and finals? Use our Scantron Answer sheets for multiple choice and/or True/False answers and make grading a breeze!

You can purchase forms, drop-off completed tests, and pick-up the results in the 301 O’Shaughnessy location.

Click on the link below to see the format for the Scantron Answer Sheet No. 221666.

Scantron Answer Form

Answer Key

You can stop by the O’Shaughnessy location and pick up a blank answer sheet to create your Answer Key. We must have an Answer Key to process your students’ test forms.

Marking Instructions for the Scantron Answer Sheet

Click on the link below to read the instructions printed on the actual Answer Form. The price for each BLANK Scantron Answer Sheet is ten-cents.

Scantron Marking Instructions

Scantron Forms

The form shown is the most common form used by departments and colleges on campus for their exams. We also offer forms with up to 200 questions. Since we have to order the forms by the ream, please allow some lead time for shipping and delivery. Contact the O’Shaughnessy office staff to discuss your options and needs.

Grading Results

The software we use to process the Scantron forms will allow us to print out statistical charts for your tests. You will receive a copy of the test statistics such as: Respondent Statistics, Items Statistics, and Item Analysis when you pick up your answer sheets after they are graded. You will also receive an e-mail when the Scantrons are processed that will provide you with the test results listed in alphabetical order, as well as sorted by percentile.

Definitions of the various statistical reports are available by clicking on the links below.

Statistic Definitions-1

Statistic Definitions-2